The Projects

Since inception of the company, Max & Co. has successfully developed and remerchandised many award-winning projects in various landmark neighbourhoods in the city. They include:

99 Avenue Road, Toronto: a 60 unit, in-fill ultra luxury boutique residential condominium with street-related condominium retail in Toronto’s exclusive Yorkville District.

241 Poplar Plains Road, Toronto: an in-fill luxury townhouse development in the upscale Forest Hill area.

Hazelton Lanes Shopping Centre, Toronto: remerchandising, renovation and re-vitalization of the 250,000 sq. ft. indoor retail mall, office and underground parking complex, in the heart of Toronto’s Yorkville District. Hazelton Lanes is the first retail centre that successfully integrated high-end retail with high-end lifestyle shopping. This included the introduction of the first organic “Whole Foods Market” (an American Fortune 100 company) to Canada and the introduction of the first automobile retail concept that combines automobile sales and auto art displays. The successful remerchandising of the shopping centre, in accordance with Max’s creative vision of re-mixing and integration of exciting retailers and service providers with the local community, has led to the sale of the property for a record high price per square foot achieved for properties of similar use and location in Canada.